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Mission Statement

Our mission in the Modern Languages Department is to create and sustain an intellectually challenging and diverse academic environment through excellent teaching, scholarship, and service.

In today's global economy the demand for language skills continues to grow as governments, businesses and organizations build relationships with foreign interests.

Learning a language is beneficial in employment for two reasons: 1) it offers those in established careers the chance to progress either through gaining promotions or international travel and experience, and 2) it opens doors to new careers and employment opportunities. For a look at the range of jobs learning a language can offer read this article: The Importance of Learning Language in Today's World.

In this new era of GLOBALIZATION, learning a second language is now becoming a vital part of the basic preparation for an increasing number of careers. Even in those cases where the knowledge of a second language does not help graduates obtain a first job, many report that their foreign language skills often enhance their mobility and improve their chances for promotion. See ERIC Digest article: Personal Benefits of Foreign Language Study.

When learning a foreign language, students also learn about the different countries, cultures, people and communities that are associated with that language. Our professors teach in accordance with the national standard for foreign language education which center around five goals, also called the five C's of foreign language education --Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities-- our classes can help you become a globally cultured, diversity-sensitive individual ready to face a new era of globalization in today's increasingly interdependent world community.