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Spanish and International Studies graduate accepted into MA program in Paris

Image of Ms. Judith Kheir at graduation

Congratulations to Ms. Judith Kheir. Judith graduated in the fall of 2018 with a double major in Spanish and International Studies (focus in North African and Middle Eastern Affairs). Ms. Kheir was recently accepted into the Master's Program in International Security at the Paris Institute of Political Studies (Sciences Po).

She is currently living in Lebanon where she is attending French and Arabic classes. This summer she will be working with the Red Cross in Beirut helping finding funds for kids who are cancer patients and refugees.

On her experience at Texas State, Ms. Kheir writes “Texas State was indeed a great way to jumpstart my academic experience.”

“The International Studies degree offered at Texas State surely allows the student to get a good sense and panoramic about world issues. Within the courses attended at Texas State, I would pinpoint International Law, International Seminar (with Doctor Valencia - who was pivotal for my Graduate School admission as also a great teacher/person to learn from), International Security (with Doctor Popescu, who was always challenging our minds), Islamic Politics (with Doctor Leader as he pushed the students to look beyond prejudices and common senses), Political Geography (with Doctor Devine, as she is an excellent academic and elevate the regular "study" to a fine research and understanding of world issues), Philosophy, and Modern History. To make sense out of the world, there are many disciplines involved; Geography and History are elementarily essential, Philosophy was helpful for the decision making process in conflicts, and the Law classes were just very interesting and pivotal in my decision to pursue International Law.”