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Texas State in Beijing

Program Description: In this multi-disciplinary program, students will have the opportunity to chose one of two options: the Intensive Chinese Language Program and the Art/Culture/Honors Program. The Chinese Intensive Program provides the equivalent of a whole year's worth of Chinese language courses at Texas State. The Art/Culture/Honors Program will delve into data visualization as a tool for cross-cultural communication and explore the construction of identity by examining auto-ethnographic traditions with artistic outputs such as stories, poems, and art. In this program, students have the option of choosing an Honors course to learn about modern Chinese politics as interpreted through the lens of literature and film and reflect on the political culture that pushed the creators of these works who became main characters in the modern Chinese political scene. Students taking Art or Honors courses will also take one hour of Chinese language instruction per day an d weekly classes on Chinese culture. Classes are located at one of China's most prestigious higher education institutions, Beijing Language and Culture University. Excursions include wonderful sight seeing trips to the Forbidden City, local temples, and markets, and a hiking trip to an unexplored section of the Great Wall.

Course Information: Beijing Language and Culture University is one of China's most prestigious institutions specialized in the teaching of languages. It is located close to the subway, shopping centers and to other major universities (Beijing University, Tsinghua University), as well as local sites of historical or religious importance (Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan, temples) so students will be able to enjoy all Beijing has to offer from cultural, artistic and historical points of view.

Departure Date: June 24, 2019

Return Date: July 25, 2019

Program Cost: $4,268

Contact Information: Dr. Patricia Schiaffini-Vedani, e-mail:

For more information: Study Abroad Website

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