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Munich 2019 Summer Study Abroad

Program Description

The study abroad curriculum is designed to help participants propel their overall language skills, with emphasis on oral fluency and listening comprehension. During our “field” explorations of Bavaria we will familiarize ourselves with art history as it pertains to Germans-speaking countries. We will also devote time to tracing the Nazi past in Munich, the concentration camp Dachau, and the former Nazi hub Nuremberg. On a lighter note, we will also spend a day in Austria, exploring Salzburg and Vienna, with focus on the classical musical tradition.

Course Options

The program carries 6 credits.

Your course options are:

GER 2310 + GER 2320

GER 2320 + GER 4390

GER 4390 + GER 4390

Departure Date: June 1, 2019

Return Date: June 29, 2019

Program Cost: $3,968

Contact Information: Dr. Ewa Siwak, e-mail:

For more information: Study Abroad Website

The following link will open a PDF download: