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Dr. Yasmine Beale-Rivaya

Photo of Dr. Yasmine Beale-Rivaya

Office: Centennial 144
Phone: 512.245.7271

Curriculum Vita

Biography: Yasmine Beale-Rivaya received her PhD in Hispanic Linguistics from the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in 2006 and holds the rank of Associate professor at Texas State.

Research Interests: Dr. Beale-Rivaya’s research centers on language contact, change, and borrowing in borderland communities. Her main area of focus is evidence of language contact between Romance and Semitic languages among communities, especially the Mozarabic (Arabized-Christians) communities, living between the Andalusí and Christian frontier from the ninth to the early fourteenth Century in Medieval Iberia. Dr. Beale-Rivaya maintains a parallel line of research where she studies contact between Spanish and English, and Spanish and Indigenous Languages along borderland areas of the United States and Mexico. In 2012, she received the John K. Walsh award for “Best Article of the Year” for her article in La Corónica.

She organized the conference titled: The Multi-Cultural Borderlands of Medieval Toledo. (TxState page)

The Multi-Cultural Borderlands of Medieval Toledo Symposium 2019. (UCLM page)


Recent Projects:

Beale-Rivaya, Yasmine, and Jason Busic, eds. Places of Encounter: Language, Culture, and Religious Identity in Medieval Iberia. E-Humanista. 41 (2019).

Beale-Rivaya, Yasmine and Jason Busic. A COMPANION TO MEDIEVAL TOLEDO: Reconsidering the Canons. New Readings of Medieval Toledo (ca. 711-1517). 2018
Cover of A Companion to Medieval Toledo

Courses Taught:


SPAN 5318 Spanish Grammar and Composition
SPAN 5322 Spanish for the Professions- service learning
SPAN 5320 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 5600 Internship Abroad
SPAN 5399A Thesis Course

SPAN 2310 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN 2320 Intermediate Spanish II
SPAN 3308 Advanced Spanish Composition
SPAN 3311 Business Spanish I
SPAN 3312 Business Spanish II
SPAN 3340 Intermediate Spanish Grammar
SPAN 4340 Advanced Spanish Grammar
SPAN 4311 History of the Spanish Language
SPAN 4312 Contemporary Issues of Hispanic Linguistics