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Dr. Jennifer Forrest

Picture of Dr. Jennifer Forrest

Office: Centennial 219
Phone: 512.245.2493

Curriculum Vitae

Biography: Dr. Forrest received her bachelor's degree from U.C.L.A in 1982 and her Ph.D. from Yale University in 1990.

Research Interests: 19th-Century French Literature;

19th-Century Circus Culture;

Film Studies


Courses Taught:

1410—Beginning French

1420—Beginning French

2310—Intermediate French

2320—Intermediate French

3301—Survey of French Literature (Medieval to 18th Century)

3302—Survey of French Literature (19th-20th Century)

3305—Acting in French

3306—Masterpieces of French Literature

"Trois récits fantastiques du 19e siècle" (2011)

"Marcel Schwob's Vies imaginaires" (2010)

"Le récit court et la décadence" (fall 2008)

“La poésie du 19ème siècle” (fall 2006)

3341—Advanced Grammar in French

3370—French Civilization

"The History of France" (2011)

"19th Century Socio-Cultural History" (2010)

Honors 3391—Voices in French Cinema

4301—The French Novel and Short Story

“Seduction” (spring 2000)

“Decadence” (spring 1998)

“France and Its Others” (spring1996)

4304—Topics in French Literature and Culture

"Le Roman policier classique" (2012)

"Decadence" (fall 2009)

"Georges Simenon and the roman policier" (fall 2006)

"The Circus in Nineteenth-Century French Art, Popular Art, and Literature: Or, How Circus Aesthetics Informed the Idea of the Modern" (fall 2002)

"Translating the Orient in French Art, Literature, and Film: Or, How the East Transformed the West" (fall 2001)

4340—Advanced Grammar and Composition

4341—French Composition and Stylistics